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Friday, March 03, 2006

Landscaping wet zones. NZ Tree Ferns reach for the sky. Auckland City Gardens. NZLANDSCAPES landscapers designers New Zealand.

Tree Ferns reach for the sky. Shown here situated on the shaded side of a steep wet bank. With moist soil conditions the NZ Native plants are robust and healthy in the Auckland City Gardens. NZLANDSCAPES landscapers based in Auckland, New Zealand, provide landscaping ideas for the home gardener, garden designer or landscaping professional.
We offer within NZ and anywhere worldwide landscaping and landscape garden advice, garden layout concept plans / sketches, planting concepts, planting plans, and landscape Master plans.

With design solutions for any climatic zone our landscape design team plan to suit any growing situation. We can suggest for you the best plants to plant in a wet / damp growing situation, dry / arid zones, indoor or glass house climates, office and workspaces, restaurants or retail goods / commercial gardens.

Every landscaped garden has specific requirements and garden plantings will vary depending on the local climate. Our landscaping advice or plans could be instrumental in your gardens growing to fully matured, immaculate, lush landscapes.

With dedicated landscaping professionals that are client focused and educated in a wide variety of landscape design areas, our landscaping services and skills cover most landscaping requirements - From initial landscape planning through to landscape construction, garden features and garden maintenance.
Email us for any enquiries here: LANDSCAPE DESIGN ENQUIRY


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