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Interesting New Zealand Products. Opossum bed throws 100 percent NZ fur!

New Zealand initiative creates yet another wonderful way to get the most out of the New Zealand landscape. NZ gardeners will sigh in relief when they spot this product. King size opossum bed throws certainly sounds better than shredded plants and fruits in the garden.
A great website for purchasing online New Zealand Wool and Fur products, Opossum, sheepskin products, wool blankets, Mens, Womans and Childrens clothing. All items are 100 % New Zealand produced products.

Follow links to The Tin Shed.

Landscape designer nz photos. Mantis Eating European Wasp, Natural Pest Control at its best.

Before you stamp on that bug, remember they are part of the global life cycle and give balance to our environment. The praying mantis, Miomantis caffran, is shown in this photo eating the European wasp, one of New Zealand's most disliked garden pests.
We can clearly see the benefits of some of the unusual looking bugs / insects in our gardens, and yes she devoured the whole wasp!
Both species shown are introduced pests into NZ, and were able to survive very well in the New Zealand climate. Encouraging more Mantis into your garden will surely control the wasp numbers along with other plant growth inhibiting pests in your landscaped gardens.

NZ LANDSCAPER Titirangi, Auckland New Zealand.

Residential NZ landscaping, Dry River Bed Design. New Zealand landscaping plants introduced into your gardens provide elements for structural garden styles and low maintenance garden designs.

River bed stones for landscape styles NZ, NZLANDSCAPES.COM
New Zealand, NZ, landscaper based in Titirangi, Auckland, New Zealand. Specialising in landscape design for residential and commercial customers. Our team are highly experienced in all aspects of landscape design and landscaping products, we offer free online advice on landscaping, planting ideas, plant types and garden styles. To contact one of the NZLANDSCAPES.COM team, you can EMAIL NZLANDSCAPES.COM here.

Landscape trees of New Zealand. Kauri, Agathis australis. NZLANDSCAPES photos.

NZLANDSCAPES.COM Landscape designers, Titirangi, Auckland, New Zealand. Landscaping trees, Agathis australis NZ Kauri tree. The Kauri is the most majestic of New Zealand Flora.
Towering above the tree canopy at times, the kauri will established fast in a site that is dappled shade to mostly sun positioning, with naturally compost rich, free draining soil . To speak with a NZLANDSCAPES representative about your soil suitability to establish New Zealand native plants please EMAIL NZLANDSCAPES.COM

Landscape Design New Zealand. Landscape Concept Sketch.

Landscape designers in Auckland New Zealand, NZLANDSCAPES, will create for you detailed landscape sketches that mirror the final garden styles. With lifelike sketches, starting with black and white base sketches, the living feel of the landscape design can be realised. To contact a NZLANDSCAPES designer feel free to phone or email us here

New Zealand Native Plants. Coastal Plants. Pseudopanax lessonii.

Coastal plants for New Zealand Gardens.
Pseudopanax lessonii or 'Coastal five finger' has a waxy protective coating on the leaf that helps shield the plant from harsh salt air and coastal conditions. Pseudopanax lessonii is often used as a 'nursery' plant in the landscape garden, this means using the plant as a fast growing shelter species to provide protection for slower growing, less hardy plants.
Plant Pseudopanax lessonii in a growing position where it will get sun most of the day, provide enough space to grow to a mature height of several meters. Prune and remove lower branches on the maturing plant, this will encourage an eventual evergreen overhead canopy that will provide solid summer shade.
Pseudopanax lessonii can be managed at a hedging height, some plants will hollow out in the center after 5 years or so and will require replacing. Plants can also be susceptible to sooty blotch and may be treated with copper oxychloride. Planting to allow constant air flow aro…

Landscaping Colours. NZ Planting Choices. Vines.

Covering garden walls, pergolas and garden structures with lush, colourful vines and climbing plants is an ideal way to achieve fast landscaping results with minimal cost using nz grown plants.
Ideally use plants that suit your particular climate and are grown or sourced local to your area. Landscaping plants will thrive in conditions that are ideal for the plant.
New Zealand gardens and landscapes are ideal for a range of both native or exotic, deciduous and evergreen climbers.
To speak with a NZLANDSACPES.COM landscape designer about your individual landscaping requirements please email here.

Indoor Planting Tips for Winter. NZ landscaping Ideas, NZLANDSCAPES.COM.

Indoor Plants and sub-tropical plants can be fussy and may require individual soil and climatic conditions to prevail over the colder winter season. Indoor plants will generally require less watering over the colder winter period and prefer warm air temperatures to keep soil warm and plants growing with excellent health.

Test your plants soil with the back of your hand, if it feels damp on the surface then watering is not usually necessary. Usually watering indoor plants once every 2 weeks is fine, some fleshy leaf plant varieties will always use more water so this is a general rule. Plants will generally use less nutrient over the winter period. Move cold sensitive plants, if possible, into rooms within your home that are well lit and warm. Take care with placement of indoor heaters and fire places. Try not to burn your plants or lead the plants soil to become dried out in a dry climatic situation.To discuss your indoor planting requirements contact NZLANDSCAPES here.