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Landscape Design Special Offer. Save on Landscape plans. Landscape designer NZ.

As a show of our commitment to total customer satisfaction, we are currently offering until the end of March 2009, 20% savings on 'Master Landscape Plans' designed for New Zealand customers. Work directly with our designer to create your dream garden and receive 20% reduced price on the 'Master Plan' landscape design package we have available ('Master Plan' includes Concept Plan, Perspective Sketches and Planting Plans).

Also, if you book in for an on-site Landscape Consultation before the end of March 2009 you will also go in the prize draw to win a NZLANDSCAPES Original Oil Painting to the value of $300.00. EMAIL HERE to book a consultation now.

Landscape Design NZ, New Zealand.

Landscape Design in Auckland New Zealand, NZ. The design process includes concept drawings and preliminary plans for the client to consider. Here the Concept landscape design includes a perspective sketch of the final landscape design as the garden would look installed. Plant photos also included give the client an idea of the types of plants to be used within the landscape design.

NZ designers at NZLANDSCAPES work to include all aspects of the clients 'Wish List'. To see your garden on paper helps the client to visualise the completed garden. To enquire about a Landscape design for your property please email or phone us for further assistance and see what we can do to help you achieve your dream garden. Email NZLANDSCAPES designer HERE.