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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Just how Green are New Zealand landscapes?

Just how green are the New Zealand landscapes? This is a question often asked by people yet to visit Aotearoa, 'Land of the long white cloud'. It is sometimes a little overwhelming for visitors arriving in the country via Auckland, with the vast amounts of green shades within our landscape, the colour play on the waters with reflections of blue-white silk skies.
Often quoted as being the 'Silver City', Auckland city also has some very green sights to be seen.
The photo taken yesterday, Autumn Vista Views, are framed with native nz and exotic introduced species. The image is a part of a growing set that have been captured through the changing seasons from a private residence in the suburbs of West Auckland, North Island, New Zealand.
The residence is situated on a busy through road in a built up suburban area of Auckland. From the photos you can see there are no other houses to be seen, even amongst the busy hussle of the steadily growing city. Proving the point, Yes, even in central cities, New Zealand really is green.
For people living in New Zealand privacy and thoughtful landscape design structure are the basis for ideal landscapes. With well placed plantings and professional landscape approach any suburban garden can become a living oasis.


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