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Liriope muscarii. Groundcover Plant for NZ gardens.

Liriope muscarii. (Close up photo of flower and photo showing plant clump).
Liriope are hardy clump forming, evergreen, groundcover plants for New Zealand Gardens. NZ landscaping and garden lovers choose to use this pearl of a plant in any situation where soils may be difficult to establish good ground cover with plants.
-Keep soil moist at time of planting.
-Space clumps at 20 cm spacing at time of planting as the clumps will spread with ground trailing roots to naturally establish solid ground cover over 2 growth seasons.
-Sun positioning is fine or planting in part shade helps to keep the purple flower colours rich and vibrant.
-Liriope muscarii grows up to 30 cm tall and also comes in a variegated variety.
-Favourable companion plants are Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrencens' (Black Mondo Grass), Impatiens, or Purple flowering Salvia.
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