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NZLANDSCAPES Seasons Greetings 2007.

Seasons greetings to all for 2007/08 and best wishes to all our associates, friends and contacts in the new year! Cheers!

Solandra maxima. Photo Close up of Flower.

Close up photo of Solandra maxima in flower. Photos were snapped in the Melbourne Botanical Gardens, November 2007. Nz landscape designer plant photos.Email NZLANDSCAPES designer HERE.

Ellerslie Flower Show Photos 2007, Auckland Landscape Designers.


Landscape Planting / Concept Plan. New Zealand Garden design, Designers, Auckland, NZ.

Landscaping and garden layout plans, landscape concept plans, perspective concept sketches, Auckland landscape designers. NZ landscaping professionals, NZLANDSCAPES.COM. EMAIL NZLANDSCAPES.COM for any enquiries you may have about creating the garden of your dreams. This Concept Plan is protected by copyright laws.

Landscape Design Auckland NZ, Concept Plan Photos Sketches.

Landscape design and landscaping in Auckland New Zealand. Landscaping concept plans and garden design. Before and after photos (note photos are not shown at full size). To enquire about your own personalised landscape garden plans feel free to phone or email us here at NZLANDSCAPES. EMAIL NZLANDSCAPES.COM

Landscape Design Auckland NZ, Landscape Planning and Consultation. New Zealand.

Landscape Lifestyle Block. Planting and concept plans were created. Plant and landscape design plans Auckland NZ.EMAIL NZLANDSCAPES.COM.

NZ Landscape Design, Auckland, New Zealand. Check out my Slide Show!

Landscape Designer NZ NZLANDSCAPES. Landscaping and Landscape Design in Auckland, New Zealand. Slide Show includes Waiheke Island and Rangitoto Island photos.

Morris and James Pottery with NZLANDSCAPES Oil Painting.

Three of our currently available oil paintings. Click for more details. NZLANDSCAPES can combine with Morris&James Pottery and ceramics while enhancing living environments.


Morris and James Pottery are situated Tounge Farm Road, Matakana, North Island, New Zealand, NZ. Morris and James are having a HARVEST SALE! When: Saturday 5th May till Sunday 20th May Open 7 Days - 9am till 5pm

Wellington Botanical Gardens. Rose Garden Video. New Zealand.

Click To Play Wellington Botanical Gardens. Views from the main garden along with Rose and scented gardens. Auckland Landscaper Video. New Zealand. NZ.

Liriope muscarii. Groundcover Plant for NZ gardens.

Liriope muscarii. (Close up photo of flower and photo showing plant clump).
Liriope are hardy clump forming, evergreen, groundcover plants for New Zealand Gardens. NZ landscaping and garden lovers choose to use this pearl of a plant in any situation where soils may be difficult to establish good ground cover with plants.
-Keep soil moist at time of planting.
-Space clumps at 20 cm spacing at time of planting as the clumps will spread with ground trailing roots to naturally establish solid ground cover over 2 growth seasons.
-Sun positioning is fine or planting in part shade helps to keep the purple flower colours rich and vibrant.
-Liriope muscarii grows up to 30 cm tall and also comes in a variegated variety.
-Favourable companion plants are Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrencens' (Black Mondo Grass), Impatiens, or Purple flowering Salvia.
For more landscape planting information email here.

Wairere Waterfall Video. North Island, New Zealand. NZ.

Click To Play Wairere Bush / Waterfall walking track in New Zealand. Video of the walk and views from the top of Wairere Waterfall, North island walking tracks, New Zealand. NZ Landscapes video. NZLANDSCAPES landscape designers take huge amounts of inspiration for design from this stunning native forest and majestic waterfalls.

AK 07. Groupe F Fireworks Display. NZ Landscapers Video.

Click To Play "A Little More Light" GROUPE F Fireworks display at the Auckland Domain. AK 07 Festival. NZ landscaper video.

Clivia miniata.

Herbaceous perennial for New Zealand gardens. Prefers part sun or shaded landscaped gardens. Well drained fertile soils will support healthy plant growth. Brightly coloured red flowers on mass. To propagate, lift and divide fleshy root with leaf attached, when flowers have finished. Recommended companion plants, Bromeliad and agave