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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Deciduous Autumn Trees. Liquid amber. Landscaping ideas Auckland landscape designers. NZLANDSCAPES.

The ever changing New Zealand landscape comes to life during the autumn months to reveal a landscape rich with vibrant colour. New Zealand is the perfect growing climate for highly attractive exotic plant species and introduced plant species have become a dominant feature amongst the New Zealand landscape.

Deciduous fruit, some perennials, ornamental, shelter and erosion controlling trees were introduced into the country with the early European settlers. Tree varieties introduced into home gardens were more towards the fruiting variety with the main emphasis on edible varieties.

Shrubs and shelter trees were introduced to protect animal stocks from the sometimes harsh New Zealand environment and vast amounts of European trees were introduced for public parks, street plantings and large specimen gardens.

The exotic species have become so much a part of the New Zealand landscapes that the foreign visitor may indeed feel very much at home. Many New Zealand home gardeners and landscapers creating new gardens are working back toward introducing New Zealand native plant species back into our living environment.

NZLANDSCAPES landscape designers in Auckland New Zealand focus on encouraging the return of native New Zealand plant species into our working and living environments.
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