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Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Wishes 2008

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Parnell Rose Gardens, Auckland NZ. Dove-Myer Robinson Rose Gardens New Zealand. Photos.

Parnell Rose Gardens. The Dove-Myer Robinson rose gardens situated at 85 to 87 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand NZ. The gardens are stunning at this time of year October - December. Some 5000+ rose bushes showcasing new and old rose varieties, many of which have been bred by internationally celebrated rose breeders.

The park is also home to some remarkable native trees - the oldest Manuka and largest Pohutukawa in Auckland.. The cottage-style garden offers excellent examples of heritage roses.

If you have ever thought about incorporating Roses into your gardens you can speak with one of our Landscape Designers about the right Roses for you. You can Email NZLANDSCAPES designer HERE.

Dove-Myer Robinson Rose Gardens New Zealand. Photos.

More photos of Parnell Rose Gardens, Auckland New Zealand.

Friday, October 31, 2008

NZ Garden Designers. Auckland or NZ wide. Landscaping and Landscape Design New Zealand.

NZ Garden Designers. Auckland or NZ wide. Landscaping and Landscape Design specialists (landscape concept plan shown above). New Zealand gardening and planting advice, garden planning, planting plans and landscape concept plans. Our NZ garden designers will create landscaping plans to suit your individual requirements.

Every garden is an artwork in itself, to enquire about a landscaped garden to suit your lifestyle, you can call to speak with one of our designers or Email NZLANDSCAPES designer HERE.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Landscape Gardener Services, Auckland, NZ Landscaping / Landscapers / Designers.

Landscape gardener services in Auckland, NZ. With the assistance of a qualified landscape designer your garden will have direction and vision. Landscaping Plans keep the garden design together and makes it easy for the landscaper to follow a plan to scale.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Landscape Consultation New Zealand. NZ Landscaping, Auckland landscape design.

Landscape Consultation New Zealand NZ.

Stage 1: Landscape consultation / client brief.

The client in this case was in a panic! As well as being in dire need of some assistance helping her decide what to do with the somewhat destructed rear area to her yard, she also had no idea where to start designing, or where to go to get plants and stone.

Her former back yard was reduced to a pile of earth and a huge hole where large sections of concrete were removed from where previous home owners had laid large blocks for vehicular parking.

Recovered from the excavation were some six hundred or so (previously used) paving stones that she hoped would be able to be incorporated into the final landscape design.

There are also two healthy Cordyline australis in the area to be retained, so the idea was also to be to include these current plantings amongst the plantings suggested by the designer.

Predominantly New Zealand native plant species were to be used in combination with New Zealand stone.

The design brief:

- Create relaxed living areas that are comfortable, and that entice you into experiencing the spaces

- Flow between both indoor and outdoor living areas

- Natural flow between separate areas within the garden itself

- Use of screening to provide privacy for the occupants, shelter for young plants and division between garden spaces

- Reflect and accent character within the current architecture of the home through to the garden using colour and angles

- Create a low maintenance landscape that has all year round charm

- Select plant types that change through the seasons with vibrant plant foliage and staggered flowering times

- Provide Entertaining areas for seating and the use of BBQ

- Problem solve where to place clothes line and various amenities such as garbage, recycling, dog kennel

- Give Plant maintenance schedules for selected plantings

Stage 2: Concept plans and sketches.

Several concept sketches were produced offering various ideas for plant placement and hard surface layout. Plant varieties are suggested and quick sketches developed to give the client an idea of what the final landscape will look like

Stage 3: Master plans and Plant plans.

Master plans were developed from the initial landscape consultation, concept drawings and sketches.

The client brief listed very common landscaping requirements:

- Balance between space and flow between areas

- Plant types and landscape products that keep with the current styles of the residential structure

- Low maintenance landscaping

Using bold, bright, lush foliage of native New Zealand plant species against the subtle tones of New Zealand river stone, the essence of New Zealand is produced within the living environment.

Noticeable elements within the Master plan reflect the naturally occurring plant contrasts seen in New Zealand native forests. Emphasis within the landscape design is focused on natural balance, using curved and straight lines within the landscape that reflect the structural styles of the residence.

The landscape design produced provides an extension of the usable living areas while keeping with the current structural design elements. To discuss your landscape options with qualified landscape designers. Email NZLANDSCAPES designer HERE.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Water Features, Auckland New Zealand, NZ. Kumeu Garden Center.

Tranquil water features from The Landscaping Company, Kumeu Garden Centre, SH16, Kumeu. Seen here on display at the Kumeu Garden Show was a huge birdbath, leaf water wall, and bubbling ern water feature. Auckland landscaping ideas New Zealand, NZ. Landscape design.

Clivia in flower. Spring season landscaping ideas, Auckland, NZ. New Zealand landscape design.

Spring Clivia in flower. Certain signs of spring when Clivia are in flower. This amazing specimen produced by Dr Keith Hammett. Auckland New Zealand. Kumeu flower show. NZ.

Pizza Ovens NZ. Kumeu Garden Show. Auckland landscaping ideas. New Zealand.

Pizza Ovens are the perfect way to entertain friends in your garden, all season pizza ovens created by leisure designs. Enhance any garden or landscape with a practical garden feature. Auckland landscaping ideas, New Zealand. For contact details Email NZLANDSCAPES designer HERE.

Kumeu Garden Show. Classic style garden furniture. Auckland NZ landscaping.

Unique WoodNZ. Specialists in outdoor furniture. A wonderful range of classic Nz garden furniture. This Deck Chair was incredibly comfortable with moulded back and seat slats. Landscaping ideas Auckland New Zealand. NZ. For contact info Email NZLANDSCAPES designer HERE.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Garden sculpture and ceramics. NZ landscape design ideas. Garden ornaments Auckland New Zealand.

Kumeu Garden Show Auckland NZ, Ceramic ornaments and garden features. The snail garden ornament has brilliant detail. Landscaping ideas for New Zealand gardeners. For contact details

Kumeu Garden show. Auckland NZ landscaping. Photos, landscaping ideas, New Zealand.

Kumeu Garden Show 2008. Landscaping Ideas, New Zealand. NZ landscape designer photos.
The shoes were very eye catching and a certain delight to anyone who may stumble upon such a pair in a New Zealand garden.
To contact the creator of these magnificent garden planters Email NZLANDSCAPES designer HERE for contact details.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Landscape Design Auckland, New Zealand NZ landscaping.

New Zealand landscape design specialists. Auckland based landscape designers will evaluate your landscape site and create landscaping concept plans for you. Every landscaping site is individual with differing climate and soil conditions. The landscape consultation uses defined analysis techniques to determine the desired plants for the specific planting location. To speak to our designers about your landscape options or landscaping ideas please,

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Plant / Planting Plans Auckland, New Zealand. NZ.

Plant plans and garden / planting layout plans are the best way to achieve a desired landscape garden style.
Using a professionally designed landscape plan you are able to keep on track towards the final landscaping goals and find the plants that are required in the planting plan earlier on in the process. This helps to establish the basis of the design.

Positioning of plants is made easy with the added bonus of using a scaled plant plan. Landscapers and gardeners use working plans drawn to scale to determine plant widths, placement, positioning of structures and any dominant landscape features. To enquire about Landscape Planting plans in New Zealand, NZ, send email to NZLANDSCAPES follow the link above or CLICK HERE to use your mail client.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Landscape Design Auckland, New Zealand NZ. 20 % Savings On Master Landscape Plans During March 2008.

Get ready for Autumn planting. We are currently offering until the end of March 2008, 20% savings on 'Master Landscape Plans' designed for regional Auckland New Zealand customers as a show of our commitment and support to total customer satisfaction.
Receive 20% reduced price on any of the 'Master Plan' landscape design packages we have available ('Master Plan' includes Concept Plan, Perspective Sketches and Planting Plans).EMAIL NZLANDSCAPES.COM
If you book in for an on-site Landscape Consultation before the end of March 2008 you will also go in the prize draw to win a NZLANDSCAPES original abstract oil painting to the value of $800.00 (NZD).
Email to find out more on 20% savings on Landscape design during March 08.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Landscape Garden Lighting NZ, Auckland Landscape lighting design plans, 12v Garden Lighting Installation Services.

Landscape Lighting Design NZ, Auckland, New Zealand. NZLANDSCAPES Landscape designers in Auckland offer you landscape lighting consultation, design and installation services. Speak to our landscape designers about what specialist landscape lighting is right for your garden. (Photos courtesy Advanced lighting technologies,inc.) To find out more about Ruud Lighting products call or email us for email brochures or Email for landscape lighting advice and lighting services information HERE.

Any garden will come alive and enhance outdoor living with the use of quality landscape and garden lighting. Prices for lighting design and installation vary for each individual client, it is best to start with an on-site lighting consultation with a professional. Speak with a professional to ensure you are getting the desired effect from your lighting installation and that you receive quality garden lighting products.

If you require more assistance with garden lighting plans, layout schemes, what fixtures to use, or you are just unsure of what lighting effects will be right for your gardens and outdoor living spaces you can phone or Email us @NZLANDSCAPES DESIGNER

Landscape Lighting Design, Garden Concept Sketches, Auckland, Landscape design, NZ landscaping.

Before Photo. Proposed area to be designed. Pre extention stage. Landscaper Designer Photo.

Landscape Design Perspective Sketch for proposed garden area to be landscaped,
as pictured above in Before Photo.

Strong directional lines and bright plants are leading visitors to the front door, plantings disguise the garage from views on the left, one of the client design requirements discussed in the client brief at the time of their landscape planning consultation, their priority was to screen views into the garage and create a vivid entrance way with a modern native garden style influence.

Lush plantings of Arthropodium and tree fern would be introduced. To define the Charcoal coloured larger sized paving stones or sandstone/slate path through to the front door, garden lighting effects would come to the fore, by placing high quality low voltage garden lighting instant enhancement at night would lift this garden area to be both attractive and spectacular at night.

Lighting Plans are available if you are unsure of how to set up a lighting scheme for your garden, if you require more knowledge or would like to install a quality garden lighting system for your garden or cafe, Email for landscape lighting advice and lighting services HERE.

The landscape design concept sketch gives you a guide to see your garden from an artistic view and to reveal the true possibilities your garden has hiding within. To talk with a landscape designer about your garden requirements or our design services you can phone us or, Email NZLANDSCAPES designer HERE.

Gannet Rock Muriwai Photos NZ Landscape Designer ,Auckland New Zealand.

Muriwai Gannet Rock, Auckland landscape Designer Photos, NZ Landscapes.

Garden and landscaping blogs, RSS feeds, garden web links, New Zealand Landscape Design Auckland. NZ.

NZLANDSCAPES Landscape Designers in Auckland, New Zealand will be sourcing during the coming year of 2008, the best New Zealand gardening and landscaping RSS feeds, (RSS feeds are snippets of other websites condensed to make available for someone with another website to place snippets of each others websites within one anothers sites). So, Anything with a green feel, fun and interesting or New Zealand places to see, along with more of the hard landscape and landscape plant advice based information.
As always we are available via email or phone for any landscape advice you may require. Feel free to Email NZLANDSCAPES designer HERE.

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