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Just how Green are New Zealand landscapes?

Just how green are the New Zealand landscapes? This is a question often asked by people yet to visit Aotearoa, 'Land of the long white cloud'. It is sometimes a little overwhelming for visitors arriving in the country via Auckland, with the vast amounts of green shades within our landscape, the colour play on the waters with reflections of blue-white silk skies.
Often quoted as being the 'Silver City', Auckland city also has some very green sights to be seen.
The photo taken yesterday, Autumn Vista Views, are framed with native nz and exotic introduced species. The image is a part of a growing set that have been captured through the changing seasons from a private residence in the suburbs of West Auckland, North Island, New Zealand.
The residence is situated on a busy through road in a built up suburban area of Auckland. From the photos you can see there are no other houses to be seen, even amongst the busy hussle of the steadily growing city. Proving the point, Yes, even…

Taxodium distichum. Swamp Cypress. NZLANDSCAPES landscaping Ideas NZ.

Taxodium distichum, Swamp Cypress, shown here at a young age, this tree is resisting some extremely dry landscaping conditions in West Auckland.
A useful tree in wet growing conditions, even into the water line of ponds, shown here the swamp cypress can go to some very dry extremes also. A beautiful specimen tree, providing excellent dappled shade in summer. NZLANDSCAPES landscape design ideas. NZ landscaping photos.

Coastal Plants. Banksia integrifolia. NZLANDSCAPE Photos.

Banksia integrifolia is a landscaping tree with stunning displays of candle shaped flowers during the Summer / Autumn months. Suitable to many growing situations, particularly dry areas, the Banksia will be a pleasing addition to gardens from a young age right through to maturity. NZLANDSCAPES Photos. Landscape design ideas for New Zealand gardens. NZLANDSCAPES Landscape designers.

Banksia Flower. NZLANDSCAPES Photos. Landscape Ideas, Auckland New Zealand.

Landscaping in New Zealand with exotic plant species will provide some unexpected garden delight during the cooler Autumn growing season. When roses are about to finish and annuals are heading to seed there are some magic plants to fill in the sometimes dreary NZ garden. Shown here is a Banksia, origins Australian, a bright addition to any New Zealand landscape. Known as the coastal Banksia it is hardy in low moisture situations, can tolerate some extreme weather and is bountiful in candle shaped flowers. The leaves are dark green glossy top and silvery undersides. The total mature tree height can reach 15m+ so can eventually become quite an impressive addition to any garden.

Autumn Leaves. NZLANDSCAPES. Landscape Designer Auckland.

An Autumn landscape can be both stunning and vibrant for the changing of leaf season in New Zealand. Landscape designers work with introduced plant varieties to colour charge the usually dry, colourless New Zealand landscape.
Auckland Landscapers NZLANDSCAPES work to combine exotic plants into the natural environment. A designer is available to speak to you about exotic plant varieties in the New Zealand landscape. Email here.

Free PLANTING PLAN. NZLANDSCAPES Landscape Design Auckland, New Zealand.

Plant plans and garden / planting layout plans are the best way to achieve a desired landscape garden style.
Using a professionally designed landscape plan you are able to keep on track towards the final landscaping goals and find the plants that are required in the planting plan earlier on in the process. This helps to establish the basis of the design.
Additional aspects of the landscaping plans can be achieved along a defined time line as the landscape implementation schedule states.
Positioning of plants is made easy with the added bonus of using a scaled plant plan. Landscapers and gardeners use working plans drawn to scale to determine plant widths, placement, positioning of structures and any dominant landscape features. All are taken into account and outlined on the landscape base plan. To send email to NZLANDSCAPES follow the link above or CLICK HERE to use your mail client.

Deciduous Autumn Trees. Liquid amber. Landscaping ideas Auckland landscape designers. NZLANDSCAPES.

The ever changing New Zealand landscape comes to life during the autumn months to reveal a landscape rich with vibrant colour. New Zealand is the perfect growing climate for highly attractive exotic plant species and introduced plant species have become a dominant feature amongst the New Zealand landscape.

Deciduous fruit, some perennials, ornamental, shelter and erosion controlling trees were introduced into the country with the early European settlers. Tree varieties introduced into home gardens were more towards the fruiting variety with the main emphasis on edible varieties.

Shrubs and shelter trees were introduced to protect animal stocks from the sometimes harsh New Zealand environment and vast amounts of European trees were introduced for public parks, street plantings and large specimen gardens.

The exotic species have become so much a part of the New Zealand landscapes that the foreign visitor may indeed feel very much at home. Many New Zealand home gardeners and landscapers cre…

Landscape Master Plan. Hamilton Residence. New Zealand. NZLANDSCAPES landscape designers create

NZ Landscape design. NZLANDSCAPES example of a landscape Master Plan. Shown here is only part of the master plan. The full landscape plan includes concept drawings with sketches, perspective sketches, planting plans, construction drawings for driveway deck and paths. The essence of the landscape design developed during the clients many walks within New Zealand forest.
With design consultation, plans then evolved around this theme. Exotic plant species were also introduced to give plant foliage drama with deep colour. Native river stone within the garden keeps a constant balance with the lush flora.
If you are interested in NZLANDSCAPES designing for your garden you can email here

King Ferns Auckland City Gardens. NZLANDSCAPES NZ New Zealand landscaper

King Fern. Marattia salicina. NZ landscaping design solutions for wet zones Auckland New Zealand. Shown here the soil is free draining but moist. The King ferns are slightly protected by a overhead garden structure, reducing the amout of light the plants receive and providing the plants with ideal conditions to survive the sometimes very hot Auckland climate. Shown here the King fern on mass is quite a sight for gardeners and landscapers alike.

Landscaping wet zones. NZ Tree Ferns reach for the sky. Auckland City Gardens. NZLANDSCAPES landscapers designers New Zealand.

Tree Ferns reach for the sky. Shown here situated on the shaded side of a steep wet bank. With moist soil conditions the NZ Native plants are robust and healthy in the Auckland City Gardens. NZLANDSCAPES landscapers based in Auckland, New Zealand, provide landscaping ideas for the home gardener, garden designer or landscaping professional.
We offer within NZ and anywhere worldwide landscaping and landscape garden advice, garden layout concept plans / sketches, planting concepts, planting plans, and landscape Master plans.

With design solutions for any climatic zone our landscape design team plan to suit any growing situation. We can suggest for you the best plants to plant in a wet / damp growing situation, dry / arid zones, indoor or glass house climates, office and workspaces, restaurants or retail goods / commercial gardens.

Every landscaped garden has specific requirements and garden plantings will vary depending on the local climate. Our landscaping advice or plans could be instru…

Gardening Ideas for Auckland NZ landscapes. Residential and Commercial Garden Designers. NZLANDSCAPES.

New Zealand Native Plants have been used in Residential and Commercial gardens by NZLANDSCAPES Auckland landscapers along with keen gardeners, landscape designers and landscaping construction teams throughout New Zealand for many years. Now NZ native plants are extensively grown in both private and public gardens throughout the world.

Influencing landscape designers in New Zealand for many years the up coming season's new release plants are always awaited with great interest. With predominantly green foliage the garden is evergreen and lush when incorporating NZ natives into your current landscape or any future landscaping plans.

With a huge variety of native NZ Grasses, Trees, Shrubs and Groundcovers there are sometimes too many varieties to choose from. NZLANDSCAPES Auckland landscape designers are available to help you with any landscaping enquiries within New Zealand and online gardening advice throughout the world.

With a suitable plant for most climatic zones, New Zealand plant…

New Zealand Landscape Design NEWS - Renowned Architect Tours NZ

'World renowned landscape architect to tour NZ next monthOne of the world’s leading landscape architecture experts Joan Nassauer is speaking in New Zealand next month. She arrives in Auckland on February 28 for a three week study, research and speaking tour jointly hosted by the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects and the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture. Nassauer, from Michigan USA, is the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects’ (NZILA) second Education Foundation scholar. She will speak in New Zealand cities and towns throughout March. Nassauer is a world renowned landscape architect with particular expertise in and passion for ecology and landscapes. She is Professor of Landscape Architecture in the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan. She has written many books and articles and specialises in landscape ecology and design perceptions.'

Click on link to see full new article at…