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Friday, March 03, 2006

Gardening Ideas for Auckland NZ landscapes. Residential and Commercial Garden Designers. NZLANDSCAPES.

New Zealand Native Plants have been used in Residential and Commercial gardens by NZLANDSCAPES Auckland landscapers along with keen gardeners, landscape designers and landscaping construction teams throughout New Zealand for many years. Now NZ native plants are extensively grown in both private and public gardens throughout the world.

Influencing landscape designers in New Zealand for many years the up coming season's new release plants are always awaited with great interest. With predominantly green foliage the garden is evergreen and lush when incorporating NZ natives into your current landscape or any future landscaping plans.

With a huge variety of native NZ Grasses, Trees, Shrubs and Groundcovers there are sometimes too many varieties to choose from. NZLANDSCAPES Auckland landscape designers are available to help you with any landscaping enquiries within New Zealand and online gardening advice throughout the world.

With a suitable plant for most climatic zones, New Zealand plant species are a desirable plant to choose for sometimes difficult growing situations. New Zealand Phormium or Flax is widely used for their dramatic foliage and flower as well as their ground holding/ erosion control and soil stabilising qualities.


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