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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gardening *TIP OF THE WEEK* - winter soil additives

As always with winter soils there are a few points to be aware of when it comes to; watering, mulching and weeding.

When watering - Take notice of the rain fall over winter, if there is very little rainfall in your area then you will be required to water your lawns and gardens during dry spells. Soils will not take water as readily as they would during summer months, take care not to water-log soils with over-watering.

When Mulching - Be sure to give the top layer of your soils a good covering of mulch, whatever you choose to use as a mulch ensure thickness/ depth is even on application, be aware the wind will blow areas of lighter mulch away during heavy storms, replace any lost mulch through winter.

Weeding during winter - Most annual weeds are dormant during winter, there will still be obvious weed growth during winter, when weeding remove roots while hoeing as the sun may not burn roots off during winter hoeing allowing roots to take a new hold. If necessary spray for weeds during winter to lower spring infestations.


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