Bromeliad website and Bromeliad society of New Zealand links

The Society was formed on the 28th August 1962.The objects of the Society are to encourage the cultivation and study of bromeliads grown indoor or outdoors and in particular:

* To assist members to identify plants.

*To promote discussion and arrange instruction on cultivation,propagation,and control of diseases.

*To provide a library for members.

*To make Awards for outstanding new Bromeliads.

*To hold shows or public exhibitions of Bromeliads.

*To promote the distribution of Bromeliads amongst members by exchange,purchase and sale,and to encourage the importation of new plants.

*To affiliate with any society or other body,and to do such things as may be deemed necessary or desirable in the furtherance of these objects.

*To accept affiliation from other societies having similar objects.

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