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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Gardening *TIP OF THE WEEK* - Dividing Orchids

When dividing Orchids and similar types of plants it is quite basic to divide the main bulbs into more plants. (In cases where the bulbs are large the use of two garden forks may be required to pry main bulbs apart).

The main techniques to divide Orchid bulbs are as follows:

- Select plants that have smaller bulbs growing at base of main plant

- Remove the plant from its container or wire frame depending on the variety you are dividing

- Find the main bulbs and the surrounding smaller bulbs , gently ease the smaller bulbs away from the main bulb taking care to keep as much root as possible attached to the smaller bulb

- Plant into similar soil as original main bulb. Dependent on the variety your dividing, plant the bulb to a soil level similar to that of the original plant making sure to cover all plant roots

- Water in the new plants to their new soils. Orchid mix is available and designed specifically for Orchid growers, it is a lighter grade garden mix with plenty of drainage for the plants roots.

- Fertilise with Orchid food, also available at most leading garden centers


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