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Friday, June 17, 2005

Hamilton Gardens. NEW ZEALAND.

Hamilton Gardens covers an area of 58 hectares on a site, once used as the local council dumping area, includes the Hamilton East Cemetery, Municipal Nursery and Polytechnic grounds. Development of the area alongside Cobham Drive, now known as the Victorian Flower Garden, began in the early 1950s and still provides annual bursts of colour and exquisite scent to many enthusiasts. More current development at Hamilton Gardens has been undertaken by pupils of the Polytechnic, council workers and volunteers since the early 1980s. Some minor garden development started in the early 1960's and the Rogers Rose Garden was made in 1971 but most development has occurred since 1982.

Today Hamilton Gardens is the most popular visitor attraction in the region with about 600,000 visitors each year. There are nearly 2000 events held within Hamilton Gardens each year.

The unique theme of Hamilton Gardens is 'the story of gardens' which is explored through a series of five garden collections.

  • The Paradise Garden Collection featuring gardens representing some of the most significant garden design traditions.
  • The Productive Garden Collection representing different aspects of the relationship between people and plants.
  • The Fantasy Garden Collection representing different forms of garden fantasy.
  • The Cultivar Garden Collection featuring the story of plants selected and bred for the garden.
  • The Landscape Garden Collection with areas representing the different historic interpretations of an idealised landscape.

Theme gardens cover the site with a slice of each part of the world and something to interest all tastes.


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