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Friday, May 27, 2005


There are several design projects currently in the works with NZLANDSCAPES.

Landscape designs in progress will be showcased here over the next coming weeks.

The latest design we are working on is for a private residential home.

Project number: 254. Private residence, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Below is a description of the client brief and design schedule to date.

Stage 1: Consultation.

During the Landscape consultation with the client the designer concluded through observation that there currently lays an empty canvas for design within this newly built residential landscape.

Concentration on the front garden / entranceway was the client’s main landscape requirement with future plans to develop the side and rear gardens within the property at a later date. Future landscape design includes the addition of timber decking areas for entertaining in the more private area at the rear of the residence, along with private swimming pool and surrounding landscaping.

Stage 2: Client brief

The client brief is quite straight forward at this stage. Create a relaxed, inviting entranceway using New Zealand native plants and stone.

During the landscape design consultation the designer was encouraged by the client to incorporate within the design the following:

Water in the form of a garden feature, wall of water, bowl of water

Foliage drama using colour and texture

Natural stone placement for balance

Design considering current hard surfacing

These requirements are to be the basis for our designer to prepare the concept plan.

All of the elements used within the landscape design are to be of a natural essence, preferably using New Zealand Native plants and stone.

Stage3. Concept plans

Our landscape designer now prepares a concept plan and concept sketches

So far the designer has produced sketches offering options for landscape features and general garden lay out. The client may be interested in using some of or all of the design elements offered to complete their landscape.

Stage 4: Client input / feedback

From here the client views the concept drawings and decides on elements within the design concepts they would like to incorporate, along with the elimination of the design elements that are not to their taste or preference.

With discussions between designer and client having taken place, the elements that have been chosen from the concept plans can then be taken to the next design stage.

Stage 5: Master plans

The designer will produce scaled landscape plans for contractors to work from, or plans drawn to specifically enable the client to work from the landscape plans and install the garden themselves. Landscape master plans will include the following:

- Landscape Master Plan, drawn to scale, showing garden layout, hard surfaces, fencing, landscape features, and general planting lay out.

- Planting Plans, also drawn to scale. Included with plant plans are plant lists showing P.B. (Plastic bag) sizes and quantities of plants, along with plant details including mature plant size, nutritional requirements, and environmental requirements.

- Any Landscape design sketches produced, including perspective sketches and quick sketches to clarify design elements.

- Garden maintenance schedule, times to prune particular plant varieties, seasonal plantings, plant and garden health requirements.


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