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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Plant of the week. Astelia nervosa'Westland'

This weeks plant of the week is Astelia nervosa'Westland'.
The Astelia plant family has many unique plants all with their own particular charm.
Astelia nervosa'Westland' shines with stunning colour and texture. With thin, narrow growing foliage and low growing habit, this hardy, highly attractive New Zealand plant gains plenty of attention in any garden setting.
Glimmering Silver/Bronze/Purple foliage gives off a sheen under any light. The Astelia's foliage lends to many planting themes. Commonly seen in native New Zealand Plant Design is now also seen to be used more often in the modern landscape setting.
Astelia nevosa'Westland' is particullarly dramatic under lights when planted to enhance viewer experiences within a night time garden scene.
Once hard to find, the Astelia family is now available to keen gardeners and landscape gardeners alike.


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