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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Gardening *TIP OF THE WEEK*- tropical plant health

Tropical Plant Health.

Soil selection - Moist well drained soils

Appropriate container size - Using an appropriate container for your tropical plants and selection of the correct soil type for your tropical plants are essential to healthy plant growth

Correct watering - Indoor tropical plants will require strategic watering schedules to ensure healthy growth, watering would vary through differing species. Outdoors tropical plant beds can be thirsty due to the large fleshy leaf and high water loss from most tropical plants. Water according to your plants requirements.

Appropriate available light - Indoors plants will require particular light levels, too dark and tropicals will not grow well. Light requirements will vary according to individual plant requirements. Beware of direct sunlight on fragile foliage.

Pest and diseases - Most indoor and out door tropical plants are susceptible to attack from disease and pests. A regular spray regime and knowledge of your plants pests life cycle and controlling these accordingly will help ensure good plant health.

Temperature too hot - Beware of indoor tropicals overheating in high air temperatures.

Temperature too cold - Most indoor plants will not tolerate frost, chilling is not as severe as overheating plants, and most tropical plants react badly to violent changes in condition. When growing indoors beware of moving plants to another room or area with a draft as this may cause leaf drop in some species.

Humidity - Most indoor plants prefer a higher humidity. When the humidity is low and the air is dry, tropical plants tend to use more water and tend to become damaged from stress to the leaf cells. Brown leaf edges and tips can be a sign of low humidity. Low humidity can lead to increased pest attack on tropical plants.

Pollutants - Dust on the upper surface of indoor tropical plant leaves can reduce the amount of
light the plant receives
Grease and grime can clog plant pores and lead to poor health
Some chemicals and vapors can cause forms of leaf burn similar to that of excessive heat exposure
Beware of your indoor plants surroundings, avoid leaving potted plants in the room when renovating or using chemicals.


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