Gardening *TIP OF THE WEEK* - Spring bulb care

Spring bulbs will be showing leaf above ground and flowering already in some areas, there is always a need to provide for these plants as they flower, finish flowering and eventually die down to return nutrients to the bulb for storage over winter.

5 Things to remember with your bulbs:

1. As Growth appears keep snails and slugs away with whatever method is best to suit your situation, pellets/ bait is best for garden area without pets involved.
2. Watering. Most varieties of daffodil will require water to keep the erect
3. Remove old flower heads to encourage more flower growth
4. Stake larger flower heads to avoid damage form high winds and to give good plant support, ensure plant ties are not too tight.
5. Continue spraying for plant pests and diseases

When daffodil and similar leafed bulbs have completed flowering, leave the green growth to die down to fully browned off. This ensures maximum nutrient return to the plants bulb.

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