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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Organic Pest and Disease Control for New Zealand Gardens.

In New Zealand our summer gardens are often in high humidity attracting many Pest and Disease problems. Organic solutions often work well, with a little understanding of how the garden can fend for itself using plants from the garden itself for sprays the question is asked 'Why use commercial sprays'?

Below is one of our favourite Organic sprays:

For Pests like Aphid, Caterpillar, Thrip, (sucking or chewing insects) prepare a spray of:

1 Whole Garlic. (approx 10 cloves).
2 Good hand fulls of fresh Mint leaves.
1 Whole Onion, skins and all.
1/8 cup Vegetable oil.

Preparation method:
-Crush garlic cloves, roughly chop mint leaves, dice up Onion and throw all of this into a 10L bucket.

-Half fill with bucket with hot water, add the vegetable oil and stir in well. Leave to soak for 4-5 hours.

-Once cooled, pour the mixture into another bucket through a fine sieve or muslin to remove the leaf etc. There should be around 1/3 bucket of liquid.

-Fill bucket to half way with water.

-Now you can add the liquid / spray into your sprayer and your own Organic Bug spray is now ready to use! (If you find the spray is not strong enough, less dilution or extra garlic may be needed).


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