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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Chilli Varieties. Summer Vege gardening NZ. New Zealand landscaper, Auckland.

Chilli Varieties for New Zealand Summer Vege gardens. Vegetable gardening advice from local Landscaper and designer in Auckland NZ.

Chilli- Hungarian Yellow. Shown above.
- Producing tapered fruit that mature from green to yellow to red and have a mild sweet flavour. Chosen for the home gardener for it's consistent performance in the garden.
- Great for salsa, salads, stir-frying and roasting.

Chilli- Serrano.
Colourful fruits that mature to purple - black.
- Bullet shaped 5-6cm fruits, Said to be 5 times hotter than Jalapeno Chilli.
- Good for salsa as they dont have tin walls that would normally require staming or peeiling.

Chilli- Habanero Red.
Another consistent home garden vege variety. Grows well in container or pot.
- Producing HOT small twisted green to red fruits.
- Plant when night time temps are above 13.c, may need a stake for support.


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