Chilli Varieties. Summer Vege gardening NZ. New Zealand landscaper, Auckland.

Chilli Varieties for New Zealand Summer Vege gardens. Vegetable gardening advice from local Landscaper and designer in Auckland NZ.

Chilli- Hungarian Yellow. Shown above.
- Producing tapered fruit that mature from green to yellow to red and have a mild sweet flavour. Chosen for the home gardener for it's consistent performance in the garden.
- Great for salsa, salads, stir-frying and roasting.

Chilli- Serrano.
Colourful fruits that mature to purple - black.
- Bullet shaped 5-6cm fruits, Said to be 5 times hotter than Jalapeno Chilli.
- Good for salsa as they dont have tin walls that would normally require staming or peeiling.

Chilli- Habanero Red.
Another consistent home garden vege variety. Grows well in container or pot.
- Producing HOT small twisted green to red fruits.
- Plant when night time temps are above 13.c, may need a stake for support.

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