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Friday, January 25, 2008

Landscape Lighting Design, Garden Concept Sketches, Auckland, Landscape design, NZ landscaping.

Before Photo. Proposed area to be designed. Pre extention stage. Landscaper Designer Photo.

Landscape Design Perspective Sketch for proposed garden area to be landscaped,
as pictured above in Before Photo.

Strong directional lines and bright plants are leading visitors to the front door, plantings disguise the garage from views on the left, one of the client design requirements discussed in the client brief at the time of their landscape planning consultation, their priority was to screen views into the garage and create a vivid entrance way with a modern native garden style influence.

Lush plantings of Arthropodium and tree fern would be introduced. To define the Charcoal coloured larger sized paving stones or sandstone/slate path through to the front door, garden lighting effects would come to the fore, by placing high quality low voltage garden lighting instant enhancement at night would lift this garden area to be both attractive and spectacular at night.

Lighting Plans are available if you are unsure of how to set up a lighting scheme for your garden, if you require more knowledge or would like to install a quality garden lighting system for your garden or cafe, Email for landscape lighting advice and lighting services HERE.

The landscape design concept sketch gives you a guide to see your garden from an artistic view and to reveal the true possibilities your garden has hiding within. To talk with a landscape designer about your garden requirements or our design services you can phone us or, Email NZLANDSCAPES designer HERE.


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