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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Planting NZ Gardens. Landscape Design Ideas New Zealand. NZLANDSCAPES landscape designers in Auckland.

When planting NZ gardens, NZLANDSCAPES landscape designers in Auckland, New Zealand, consider all the garden requirements each New Zealand plant variety will require. Soil types vary around the world and with a quick soil analysis we can gather the information required to design planting plans for your gardens accordingly.

A soil analysis would include:

Soil type
Soil structure
Soil moisture
Soil pH.(Acid or Alkaline soil levels).

Soil analysis is critical in the performance of particular plant types, for example a Camellia or Rhododendron will not tolerate an alkaline soil, much preferring an acid soil.

Some New Zealand Phormium or Cordyline varieties will not tolerate a soil with a constant high water content, therefore sometimes struggling to grow in an over-watered container.

Free draining soils are not always the best for plant types that prefer wet or bog type soils. NZ Raupo, Typha orientalis is a variety that will prefer water margin planting.

If you are considering planting a New Zealand garden and would like some advice on what plant types are best suited to your soil type, or you would like to have a NZLANDSCAPES landscape designer guide you through a NZ planting scheme best suited to your individual garden requirements you can EMAIL NZLANDSCAPES for further assistance.


Is it worth the investment to hire a professional landscape design company or can you do it yourself? If I do hire a landscaping company will they increase the value of my home? If so how much on average. What should I look for in particular when interviewing a company?

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