Perennial Planting New Zealand.

Most gardens in New Zealand have perennials hiding somewhere within the shadows or recesses of the landscape. Protecting and caring for perennials over the cold winter periods can be very successful with some simple easy to follow gardening advice below:

- Bring indoors any tender culinary herbs you have within your garden that you may want to keep from frost burn, place the containers somewhere with good light, provide free drainage and water in-frequently over the winter season.

- Cover any plants within your garden that are tender to frost with frost cloth, Citrus when young in particular. Some lower growing perennials such as begonia will survive a hard frost using straw as a frost cover. Cover with a layer 100 mm thick, if possible remove the straw during the sunlight hours.

- A gentle hose or sprinkler cover of all plants in a heavy frost can break any ice, WATER BEFORE SUNRISE!!! This may help avoid plants from 'melting'.

- Shade cloth or weed mat can substitute as a shelter belt for young plants. Be aware young deciduous trees, when leafless, may still require protection from harsh cold. Stake the young tree in severe wind conditions.

- Some bulbs prefer to be left in the ground over winter where others prefer to be lifted. Be sure you know what bulbs you are planting in your region for their growing requirements.

An excellent link for New Zealand Mail Order Nursery Perennials here.

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