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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Gardening *TIP OF THE WEEK* - Bedding plant health

Bedding plants.

Planting tips for late spring / early summer – Bedding plant planting tips.

-When planting during the late spring and summer months there can be severe loss of annuals and bedding plants due to over-planting (where the plants are too closely planted at seeding age), the plants struggle to feed on shared nutrients and they also may compete for water, making the plants weaker and more vulnerable to fungal diseases later in growth.

-Planting with an allowance for the plants growth over time, along with equal amounts of water and nutrient available to each plant over their growing period will ensure your bedding plants or annuals will grow in health with minimal root competition.

-Remember in most cases the root growth beneath the ground will be as broad as the top growth if not more. Allowing for the plants growth, space out each plant at the time of planting, if each plant has a clear niche growing are with good airflow around the entire plant the plants will be more resistant to fungal growth that may occur in humid areas around plants leaves.

-By watering in the mornings and allowing the daylight to dry off any excess water you can avoid the water sitting on plants overnight, this will encourage disease in some cases.

-When bedding plants are placed correctly in the first placement they should thrive for long periods with even leaf colouring and equal flowering times.


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