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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Indoor Planting Tips for Winter. NZ landscaping Ideas, NZLANDSCAPES.COM.

Indoor Plants and sub-tropical plants can be fussy and may require individual soil and climatic conditions to prevail over the colder winter season. Indoor plants will generally require less watering over the colder winter period and prefer warm air temperatures to keep soil warm and plants growing with excellent health.

Test your plants soil with the back of your hand, if it feels damp on the surface then watering is not usually necessary. Usually watering indoor plants once every 2 weeks is fine, some fleshy leaf plant varieties will always use more water so this is a general rule. Plants will generally use less nutrient over the winter period.

Move cold sensitive plants, if possible, into rooms within your home that are well lit and warm. Take care with placement of indoor heaters and fire places. Try not to burn your plants or lead the plants soil to become dried out in a dry climatic situation.

To discuss your indoor planting requirements contact NZLANDSCAPES here.


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