New Contact Details

Thank you for you patience. We can not always answer the phone. Some of our posts and content may be dated with old content still present. For the best reply, please TXT us on 027 9180008 and then also Email your details through to if you are requiring Landscape Design or Consultation appointments. Our Consultation rate will depend on your location. We are Auckland based designers. Please send through as much detail as you can via email before arranging an appointment.

Landscape Planting / Concept plan New Zealand.

Planting / Concept plan, Auckland New Zealand. Full section Concept and Planting plan with perspective sketch attached. Planting plans show images of plants used in the planting plan for easy reference. All plans are drawn to scale and include hard landscaping features, positioning of driveway, fences, paving. To ask about getting a landscape design drawn up for your property please email or phone txt us for more information.

Landscape Design NZ. Concept Plan in 3D.

Landscape Design NZ. Landscape Concept Plan in the design stage. Using a 3D program we can develop a landscape design to capture the essence of a garden before it is installed. You can email us to start creating your own designer garden here: .

NZ NATIVES. Landscape Design plants. New Zealand landscaping ideas.

There are some great new Pseudopanax varieties around. Very colourful within any landscape design. For more landscaping advice and ideas you can Email us for more information on what NZ NATIVE plants may suit your gardens.  

Garden Ornaments / Water features in Auckland, New Zealand.

Water features in Auckland, New Zealand. This water feature will suit any garden or indoor situation. Beautifully hand carved, this water feature will be sure to impress!

Winter Gardens in New Zealand. Auckland Landscape Design.

Well Winter is here. The gardens are taking some heavy winds and the landscape looks a bit battered around here at the moment. Not so great for photos. Some Winter design tips include: Make sure all new Roses are firmly staked Ensure mulch is placed on any exposed soils Reduce watering indoor plants Increase composting temperature with lawn clippings Remove old veges from gardens to avoid disease Some of our landscapes in New Zealand really show off in Winter. Check out the Pukeiti Gardens in New Plymouth. NZ. Link to Pukeiti Gardens for a look at the amazing display of Rhododendrons.

Ellerslie International Flower Show 2010. Christchurch Hagley Park.

Ellerslie International Flower Show 2010, Hagley Park, Christchurch, New Zealand. You have less than a week now to get your tickets for this world renowned flower show. (Photo above. Garden sculpture at the entrance of the Christchurch Rose Gardens) The Ellerslie flower show was once held in Auckland but is now located in the garden city of Christchurch. Set in the outstanding gardens of Hagley Park, centrally located in the city of Christchurch with it's many cafes and restaurants the scene is set for another memorable flower show. You can see the Ellerslie Flower Show website and book your tickets here: